It began as a regular night in Upstate NY with a few good friends. After much stimulation of the mind the ideas started to flow. We went back and forth on ways to bring this exclusive culture we enjoyed so much to the common marketplace.

We initially started with a huge blown up picture of one of our exclusive nuggets on a Shurt. When it was worn around NYC it got so much attention and inquiry we had to develop this idea fully. After many more sessions of mind stimulation among friends and chronisseurs we came up with a way to brand our strains of exclusive marijuana on a t-shirt.

“Be Exclusive” started by only burning the finest on the planet. Bringing that culture into the fashion industry is where we stand now. This is a truly exclusive piece of clothing with a limited production of 420 and a custom number assigned to each Shurt. So support the cause, rep your culture and get your own exclusive Tree Shurt today.

Stay Up,
Tree Shurts